Marcia Henry
"Travel Plans"
by Jennifer Campbell

           This Southern Gospel songwriter has written some of the greatest songs of all time, including God Likes to Work, Roses Will Bloom Again, Thread of Hope, and countless others.  She undoubtedly has a passion in her heart to write songs that are uplifting and songs that the Holy Spirit has anointed.  Born in Augusta, Georgia, this songwriter is none other than Marcia Henry. 
           Marcia Henry is one of the most talented songwriters in the Southern Gospel Music Industry.  She is a very prolific songwriter with a strong desire to serve God in any way she possibly can.  Her list of song writing credits goes on and on, including Jeff & Sheri Easter, Karen Peck & New River, Amy Lambert, The Hoppers, The Nelons, and many, many others. 
           Marcia said that the greatest influence on her life and ministry was definitely her mother.  Still, how did she find out that she had a gift for writing?  Marcia said, "I have been writing for about seventeen years and love it more every day.  I know that I am called to write.  I also like to write, but it doesn't come without its price and preparation.  I have always liked writing, even the physical act of moving a pencil or pen across paper.  In school, I never minded when the teacher told us that a certain paper had to be written, etc.  That was my delight!  I remember getting interested in creative writing in the seventh grade.  My teacher, Mrs. Hickman, really encouraged me, telling me that I had "something really special."  She motivated me to study vocabulary words and authors that really challenged me.  The song writing didn't start until my rededication to the Lord in 1983." 
           "My first song was written out of concern for "bickering" in my home church.  The title was Love One Another.  Before I knew it, my sister and I were singing it at revivals and at our home church; people seemed to relate to it.  In 1983, we formed our group, Children of the Latter Rain, shortening the name to Latter Rain in later years, and then going with Marcia Henry and Latter Rain in 1995.  Songs started coming very fast.  I was driving back and forth to nursing school 30 miles from home every day, so I had plenty of time to write.  I started praying for someone to help me learn the right way to write a song, never dreaming that my hero of all time would guide me and teach me and become one of my dearest friends in just five short years.  God sent my hero, Ronny Hinson.  I'm deeply grateful to Ronny for his patience, interest, and challenging standards for writing that have influenced and still influence me to give of my best to the Master." 
          In 1987, Latter Rain's first national release was with Cedar Ridge recording, "Lord of Lords and King of Kings."  It reached #13 in the Singing News Magazine and Latter Rain began recording with their label, Sonlite, on the Charity label.  Their association with Sonlite/Charity enabled Marcia's songs to gain the attention of Ronny Hinson, who was working in the publishing department of Sonlite.  He called Marcia one day and her prayers were answered in a mighty way.  It was around convention time and he asked if they would be coming.  He said he would like to work with Marcia.  As the saying goes, "The Rest Is History!"  Marcia commented, "Since 1988, Ronny has been my teacher, cheerleader, prayer partner, co-writer, and dear friend.  I praise God for allowing me to be under his tutelage.  My next big song was "Singing in the Midnight Hour" recorded by the Nelons.  Ronny pitched that song to the Nelons.  I'll never forget the day he called me in ICU where I was working.  I could have dropped the phone!  He said, "It's happening, Marcia, the first of many, praise God." 
           Marcia said that many writers have been an encouragement to her, such as, Jeff Gibson, Carroll McGruder, Dianna Gillette, Phil Cross, Joel Hemphill, Niles Borop, Daryl Williams, Larry Petree, Dianne Wilkinson, Sandy Knight, Greg Day, Dottie Rambo, and Bill & Gloria Gaither. 
Marcia will be the first one to tell you that life is not full of joy and gladness.  She said that the songs that have been an encouragement to her through some of the hardest trials of her life are "The Unseen Hand" and "Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of That City."  She also said that she would have liked to have written "It Is Well With My Soul."  She said, "To write a song of serenity and peace in the face of loss and tragedy reflects on a faith that is unshakeable." 
           Marcia married Tim Henry on February 14, 1988, which is what she recalls as the most wonderful day of her life.  They now have three children.  Their youngest is 14 month-old London Rose, who is learning and growing every day.  Then there's six year-old Roman, who is busy playing soccer, softball, learning to read, and always eating.  Last but not least, their oldest is eight year-old Morgan, who is Marcia's little ballerina.  Marcia said, "She has a real gift for dance.  She's my helper around the house with everything.  Tim, my husband, is always busy, always outside, enjoying little league, dance lessons, and chasing a toddler." 
           In addition to her songwriting, Marcia continues to travel with her own group, Latter Rain.  Though they are only doing selected dates at this time, Marcia Henry & Latter Rain is going strong.  She said, "Now that we're not traveling (full-time) anymore, we have much more time together as a family.  We're really enjoying our church, Lasting Joy Church.  All of the members of Latter Rain are active members of Lasting Joy Church and collectively travel when the group ministers as we did yesterday at a benefit.  My writing is also picking up speed as I'm home more to pursue this love." 
           Aspirations, hopes, and dreams...what does Marcia Henry dream about?  Marcia said that she would like to write with her favorite writers and perfectly please the Lord.  She also said that if she could send someone back in time, she would tell the young Marcia to seek the Lord more and to complain and worry less.  This sounds like good advice for all of us.  More importantly, we need to follow God's footsteps in everything we do.  As you will read below, Marcia's dream vacation is a trip to the Holy Land.  In reality, we are all headed to the true and everlasting Holy Land.  All we need to do is confirm our "Travel Plans." 

Marcia Henry
209 Salem Church Rd. SW
Milledgeville, GA. 31061

Marcia's Favorites 

Favorite Food: Fried Catfish 
Favorite Restaurant: Herb's Place (Oconee, Ga.) 
Favorite Song: "Shout to The Lord" 
Favorite Soloist: Jon Scott 
Favorite Group: The Ruppes 
Favorite Musician: Jim Brickman 
Favorite Hobby/Interest: Reading/Gardening 
Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 32:27 
Favorite Animal: Cat 
Dream Vacation: The Holy Land 

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