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SCOOP - Sister duo, Annie and Kelly McRae, recently joined with friends and family of Mark Lowry to celebrate his top-selling video, On Broadway.  The Platinum Party was held in Nashville in March. 16-year-old Kelly and 19-year-old Annie actually began their singing career in Southern Gospel music by completing a nine-month tour with Mark Lowry.  The McRaes performed their hit single, "Walk On the Water" on the video, filmed in  New York City. Since that time Annie and Kelly have celebrated the success of their first Top 20 charting single, "Lord Shake These Chains" (written by Annie) and their Top 40 song, "He Bore My Burden For Me."  Their current single, "I Will Overcome," also written by Annie, has begun to climb to the top in just a short time.  The girls have heard many testimonies of lives changed as a result of the message in the song. Annie and Kelly enjoyed reuniting with many of their close friends and joining in offering congratulations to Mark for his success.  Both say they are grateful to Mark for the interest that he has shown in their ministry.  For Annie and Kelly's complete photo gallery from the party, or for more information on the McRaes, log onto

SCOOP - Michael and Kim Lord have announced that Kelli Shaw of the trio, LordSong, is no longer traveling and recording with the group.  Michael Lord states, "Kim and I appreciate the time Kelli has spent with us and 
she will always be important to us as a friend.  This is a time of tremendous growth for our group and we look forward to adding a vocalist to continue ministering and recording with us.  Amber Franks, a very talented vocalist from Georgia, will begin performing with Kim and I immediately while we seek God's will for a full-time member." Sopranos interested in applying for the position should send a vocal demo and bio to LordSong at P.O. Box 158, Lyman, SC, 29365.  LordSong is booked through the Dominion Agency by Michael Davis, 910-484-6996. 

SCOOP - George Younce is in need of our continued prayers.  The doctors have run every test they can run but they still do not know what is wrong with hime.  They've told the family what it's not. It is not brain related or 
heart related.  Everything is working as good as can be for his age and situation. 

SCOOP - Southern Gospel newcomers CrossWay, of Spring Hill Music, were a topic in this week's "Higher Ground" column, appearing in Billboard Magazine.  The group, consisting of Paul Smith, Casey Cappleman, Marty Hurt and Chris Weaver, were highlighted as new artists coming into the spotlight through this year's DOVE Awards, to be held on April 25th.  The group has been nominated for Southern Gospel Album of the Year for their debut recording with Spring Hill entitled No Distractions.   Their current single "Live Right, Die Right" is in the Top 40 on the national radio charts. 

SCOOP - After three years as the baritone vocalist for the Booth Brothers, Joseph has decided to leave the Booth Brothers. His final performance with the group was at the First Baptist Church in Wayne, MI. 

SCOOP - (RECEIVED FROM THE SINGING NEWS) - On the evening of April 30, the vehicle of Jeff & Susan Whisnant was vandalized and a briefcase containing the date book of the group was stolen. Thus, the Whisnants sure could use your help. If you are a concert promoter who has a date scheduled with the Whisnants, you are asked to call the group at one of the numbers listed below. The same goes for any churches that may have the group scheduled. The numbers to call are: 

(828) 433-1499 
(828) 403-6040 
(828) 205-0171 
(828) 584-1502 

The Whisnants appreciate your help. 


Dear Gospel Music Family: 

Before rumors get out of hand, I will be leaving Gold City the first week in August. I have enjoyed the last eight and a half years singing with these wonderful men and I'm convinced that God is in this move. I have fought the call of evangelism for a number of years and am now surrendering to it. The good news is that Gold City, and I, both win! Tim and the guys have been super during this time of decision. I need for all of you to know that I am NOT leaving Gospel music. My desire is to put together a group to sing with me. We will be a full time gospel singing group with the only difference being that we will set Sundays aside for evangelism where we will sing AND preach the word of God in the local church. I must tell you all that I'm starting with nothing. Not even as much as a notion of who God will send, how we will travel, or even what the group name will be. All I know is that I have been challenged to have mustard seed faith and watch God. I'll be 43 years old in two weeks and can't waste any more time running from the truth. I don't want to get to 70 and say "boy I wish I would have listened to God." I've enjoyed these years of helping others fulfill their dreams and thought I had lived out all of my own. Now I have a new set of dreams and a calling on my life. I covet your prayers for my family and I as we seek help in starting this new ministry. If you desire to help us get started or to book a date, simply contact me at 256-442-1621 or write to me at: 

Mark Trammell 
PO Box 588 
Gadsden, AL 35902 

SCOOP - We now have our own domain name!  Our website is located at:

SCOOP -  The Journeymen Quartet are starting work on a brand new recording with Homeland Records.  In addition, they are also preparing for a live concert video to be produced by Homeland in May. 

SCOOP - Katy VanHorn has tendered her resignation from The Nelons to pursue other interests.  Kelly's daughter Amber has taken the  opportunity to have her dream come true and step up and sing the soprano part full time with The Nelons. 

SCOOP - The Melody Boys Quartet sing at Folsom Prison, CA.  During their recent West coast tour, the Melody Boys Quartet were invited to sing at the morning chapel service.  Pictured (Left to Right) are Mike Franklin, Jonathan Sawrie, Chaplain Larry West, Jeremy Raines and Gerald Williams. 

SCOOP - Nashville, TN- Marc Speer of New Speer Revival recently appeared on WNAH's Bobby Lynn and Troy Clymer Show to discuss New Speer Revival's debut single "I Won't Turn Back" as well as recount some fond memories of The Speer Family. This song, from the pen of Mosic Lister, is receiving tremendous response from radio stations and networks across the nation. 

Marc commented during the interview, "We've listened to people tell us how much they have missed the Speer Family and those old songs they used to sing. Judging from the response to this new single, they're hearing something that they love and something that is familiar to them". 

The Bobby Lynn and Troy Clymer show can be heard in the late evening on Nashville's Southern Gospel AM radio station, WNAH.  For more information regarding New Speer Revival contact the Avid Group at 
615-331-0900 or visit the New Speer Revival web site at

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