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 As I See It!
Reviews by Jeff Reed

Artist: Wendy Manley, Brad & Shelley, Merle Haggard, Albert E Brumley
Jr, L C Pannell, Gayla Earlene, Gene Crain, & Dale Smalley - CD
Project: Three Point Promotions Vol 35
Label: Three Point Promotions
Style: Southern Gospel
1) Wendy Manley-Love Lifted Me Away from project "Wanted"(White Water
Records). This song is medium-fast, with a country gospel sound. Great message. 2) Brad& Shelley-Tearin' Down The Walls from the self-titled project on the Hotsong. com label. Country duet has a fast beat and a good word to share. 3) Merle Haggard-What Will It Be Like from the project "Cabin In The Hills" on the Relentless Nashville/Hag Records label. Merle legendary voice brings this wonderful song to life. 4) Merle Haggard & Albert E Brumley Jr.-The World Is Not My Home from "The Cabin In The Hills" on Relentless Nashville/Hag label. This good, old-time hymn goes great with Merle's good, old-time voice! Albert Jr sounds great too! 5) L C Parnell-We Beheld His Glory from "Maranatha" by L C Parnell ministries. This worshipful ballad has a lofty sound. 6) Albert E Brumley Jr & Merle Haggard-There's A Road Down The Road from "Two Old Friends" on Relentless Nashville/Hag label. This is a really neat song. I think you'll enjoy it! 7) Albert E Brumley Jr & Merle Haggard-I'll Fly Away from "Two Old Friends" on Relentless Nashville/Hag Records. You've just gotta love this one!  8) Gayla Earlene-Broken Pieces from her self-title project on Angel Wing Records. This is a very pretty song. 9) Gene Crain-Blood Bought Church from "Steel Pickin' For Jesus" on Angel Wing Records. This instrumental will have you clapping along. 10) Dale Smnalley-God's Gonna Make A Way. This is a very good song, I really enjoyed it. You should
request this from your local Gospel radio station.

Artist: Various - CD
Project: Victory Lane Concert Tour
Label: Crossroads
Producers: Chris White and Kim Ryan White
Executive Producers: Chris White and Mickey Gamble
Style: Various
1)Amy Lambert; "Sweet Love of the Lord"; Mid-Tempo; Very Good   2)Darrel
Waltrip Comments; speaking; Very Good   3)Talley Trio; "Simply
Unexplainable"; Upbeat; Excellent   4)Talley Trio; "Searchin"; Upbeat;
Very Good   5)Meadowlark Lemon Testimony; speaking; Good   6)Perry
Sisters; "That Wonderful Name"; Mid-Tempo; Very Good   7)Perry Sisters;
"Take It To Jesus"; Slow; Good   8)Michael Waltrip Testimony; speaking;
Very Good   9)Lake Speed Testimony; speaking; Good   10)Kingdom Heirs;
"He Lifted Me"; Mid-Tempo; Good   11) Kingdom Heirs; "I Love to Call His
Name; Upbeat; Excellent   12)Amy Lambert; "He Went Out of His Way";
Slow; Good   13)Steve French; Question & Answer Segment; Good
14)Isaacs; "I Found It All In the Blood; Mid-Tempo; Very Good
15)Isaacs; "I Have a Father"; Slow; Excellent   16)Isaacs; "Stand
Still"; Slow; Good   17)Darrel Waltrip Testimony and Invitation;
Speaking; Very Good   18)Talley Trio; "There's Not a Cry";Slow; Good  19
)Talley Trio; "Testify"; Upbeat; Very Good.

Artists: Marvell & A Christian Alliance, Sharon Marsh, Jennifer Jordan,
Britt, and Shirley Hayes with Mary F Jackson - CD
Songwriter: Rhonnie Scheuerman
Project: Self-Titled
Styles: Traditional Southern Gospel/  Country Gospel
We recently received a project from Rhonnie Scheuerman, who is an
award-winning songwriter and 3 time "Hall of Fame" inductee from
Tennessee. The first cut is "Embrace The World" (Artists:  Marvell and A
Christian Alliance) which has a great  message and the chorus is sung in
different languages. Those foreign languages would be a real challenge
for all of the groups out there, but some folks like challenges. "The
Ten Commandments Are Not Multiple Choice" has a title that grabs you.
Good message!  Artist: Sharon Marsh  on Circuit Rider Label and
Nashville Jukebox. "An Angel Gets Her Wings" has a really good beat. I
like the story this song tells.  Artist:   Jennifer Jordan  Round One
and Round Two  Record Label. "Caressed By Angels" is a beautiful and
comforting song for those who have lost children and infants.  Artist:
BRITT. "Let's Make America Great Again" is a patriotic song that looks
at some of our country's problems and challenges us to solve them.
Artists: Shirley Hayes and Mary F Jackson. If you would like more
information on these songs , contact Rhonnie Scheuerman, email: rhonnies@cscom.

Artist: Various Artist - CD
Project: Homeland Radio Hits Volume 34
Label: Homeland
Style: Traditional Southern Gospel
1) Golden Covenant:Step Aside John. Medium  Here's a song about a man
who wanted to see Jesus, but John blocked his view. Good song. 2)
Journeyman Quartet:Go Forth Medium. This song is a call to action. Be
Bold. This is a great song with a much needed message. Request It! 3)
N'Harmony:The Devil Tried His Best. Upbeat. This is a fun song with a
good beat. Testimony of an overcomer. Very Positive. Request It! 4)
Wilburns:That's My Boy. Slow . Many watches Jesus grow up from childhood
to Calvary this ballad will loosen up your tears. Request It! 5) Won By
One:Get On Your Feet. Upbeat. This song will get you on your feet.
Outstanding vocals. Great Beat. Wake-up song. Request It! 6) Walt
Mills:Grandaddy Finley(live) slow. Walt tells us a touching story about
his grandaddy who taught him right. Moving. Request It!  7) Sharon
Forrest:Softly Anda5 Tenderly. Slow. Sharon forrest does a fine job on
a timeless classic with a bit a1 The main difference in the studio
version is some of the instruments. Great song. Request It!  9)
Wilburns:That's My Boy(with intro). Slow 4:30 The version with the intro
has a special message for mother's. It is almost a minute longer. 10)
Florida Boys:Without A Valley. Medium 3:59 The Florida Boys tell how God
uses valleys to show us his love and strength. Good sound. Request It.
11) Rejoice!:Joy's Gonna Come. Upbeat 2:38 Speedy beat brings a positive
message straight outta Psalms. Good Beat. Great Vocals. 12) Legacy
Five:We Are Home. Medium 3:00 Powerhouse vocal with an encouraging
message. Requeat It! 13) Dove Brothers Quartet:Didn't It Rain(live).
Upbeat 3:58 McCray and company do an outstanding job on this four de
force! Request It! 14) Melody Boys Quartet:Check It Out. Upbeat 2:52
Excellent quartet singing is featured on this song about living by the
Bible> Request It! 15) Brainards:I Found A Rock That I Can Stand On.
Upbeat 2:46 This song testifies to God's greatness. Great family group
sound! Good Beat! Request It! 16) Songfellows Quartet:Shout All The
Way.  Upbeat 2:16 Tight harmony on this Praise song. Strong Bass.  17)
Steve  Pixler:Mold Me Again. Upbeat 3:41 A prayer to God to Mold Me
Again into a vessel of honor. Good Beat. Request It! 18) Steve  Wood:I'm
Not Looking For A Ship To Come In. Upbeat 3:01 Not looking for a ship
coming in, but the one that's leavin out. Good song. Request It! 19)
Airbourne:The Cross Wins Again. Medium 3:13 Kind of a McGruder-like
sound & style. Good message and beat. Positive message!

Artist: Various Artist - CD
Project: Zion Music Group Compilation 24
Label: Zion
Style: Southern Gospel
1) The Lesters:Family Tree. This is a beautiful song that is a testimony
to training up a child in God. What a wonderful portrait! Request It! 2)
David Patillo:He Knows The Way Home. This excellent ballad tells us not
to worry about the shadows of life, Jesus knows the way. Request It! 3)
The McGruders:God's Word Cannot Fail . Slow ballad, unusual for
McGruders. Great song, great message written by Carrol McGruder. 4) The
Cupps:It Wasn't The Nails. This moving ballad tells us that it was none
of the physical things that held Jesus on the cross, but love! Request
It! 5) Tammy Kirkland:I Know Where There's Water. Great job on this
stirring song by Aaron Wilburn. Great sound. 6) Safely Anchored:I'm
Redeemed. Heavenly vocals make this ballad a must hear testimony of what
Jesus does by grace. Request it! 7) The Duncans: How Will I Know? This
song is about a believer earnestly seeking God's will. Excellent
message! Great vocals! Request it! 8) The Cavaliers:Big Reunion. This
toe-tapper features tight-harmony in good, old fashioned quartet style.
9) Southern Heritage:Bigger Sins. This song is sure to reach souls by
disproving Satan's biggest lie. It says there is bigger sins than that
beneath the blood. Request It! 10) Joe Pearles:Call My Name Again. This
song is a humble type of prayer for restoration. Great message. Very
sincere. 11) The McNichols: A Different Way. This praise song has a
quicker pace as a believer gives a testimony to new life in Christ.

Artist: Various Artist - CD
Project: SpringHill Music Group Southern Gospel Radio Disc Vol 10
Label: SpringHill
Style: Traditional
1) Karen Peck & New River:"I Wanna Know How It Feels" Karen Peck &
New Rivers latest offering is excellent if you haven't heard it call your local Southern Gospel Station and Request It! 2) The Martins:"So High" Excellent harmony you expect on a new rendition of a kid's Sunday School song. Great Job! 3) Crossway:"Live Right, Die Right" Good old time quartet singing on a great song with a powerful message. 4) Jeff & Sheri Easter:"One Way" Rapid-fire blessing from Southern Gospel's favorite couple. Sure to be a hit! 5) The Hoppers:"Here They Come" This one of the best offerings from The Hoppers in a while. Request "Here They Come" for a real blessing! 6) Gaither Vocal Band:"He's Watching Me" You'll be hearing a lot of GVB's latest single and it is a good one! You'll be singing along with this catchy tune! 7) The Ruppes:"Singing In The Rain" No, the Ruppes haven't gone Broadway, but they do an excellent job on this toe tapper.

Artist: Gold City - Video
Project: Live From Thomas Road Church
Label: Daywind
Exec Producer: Dottie Leonard Miller
Producer: Robbie Hiner
Director: Dan Bathurst
Style: Southern Gospel
This video was shot live from one of America's best known church's, "Live From Thomas Road Church" brings us the latest project from Gold City. A great feature of this video is an instrumental by The Gold City band on "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee". You'll also hear, "Keep Me On The Wheel", "Touch This Child Again", "Livin' Forgivin'", and "Are You Ready". Gold City delivers a great performance that shows you what put them on top of the charts. No doubt these guys are professionals and they give it their all. You will also get a special concept  video titled "The Dream" it features The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet with Gold City. I believe you will get a good laugh out of this one. Check
out "Live From Thomas Road Church", I believe you will really enjoy it!

Artist: Terry Blackwood, Cynthia Clawson, Steve Amerson, Sue Dodge,
Gaither Vocal Band, Buddy Greene, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Martins,
Vestal Goodman, Ricky Skags, CeCe Winars, Evie Karlsson, Doug Oldham,
George Younce, Talley Trio, Ray Boltz, Billy Graham, George Beverly
Shea, Cliff Barrows, Plus Many More - Video
Project: A Billy Graham Music Home Coming Volume One
Label: SpringHouse
Exec Producers: Bill Gaither, Barry Jennings, Bill Carter
Director: Luke Renner
Style: Traditional Southern Gospel
Nobody does Christian home video like Bill Gaither and his SpringHouse label
and on this video tribute The Homecoming friends go all out to salute one of America's most beloved evangelist of all time, Billy Graham! Bill Gaither has assembled a real all-star team for this special project, and along with your more established Homecoming illumni you will see folks like: Ricky Skaggs, Ce Ce Winans, Evie, and Ray Boltz! You will hear some of the great old-time hymns like: "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms", "Rock of Ages", and "Just As I Am". You will see tons of historic footage including rare clips of Ethel Waters. One very interesting feature of "A Billy Graham Music Homecoming", is that you will actually get to see Billy Graham sing. In a rare treat the Preacher sings "This Little Light of Mine" with George Beverly Shea, and Cliff Barrows. This video could not be a tribute to Billy Graham without George Beverly Shea singing, "How Great Thou Art". A very beautiful scene comes toward the end when The Homecoming Friends sing, "Just As I Am". This video is so good, I really don't see how a Christian could not enjoy it. It is well worth your time and money, and would make a great Christmas gift
for that special someone on your list.

Artist: George Younce, George Beverly Shea, Jake Hess, Evie Karlsson,
Russ Taff, Ann Downing, Ce Ce Winans, Michael W Smith, Buddy Greene, The
Martins, Gaither Vocal Band, Avalon, Plus Many More - Video
Project: A Billy Graham Music Homecoming Volume Two
Label: SpringHouse
ExecProducers: Bill Gaither, Barry Jennings, Bill Carter
Director: Luke Renner
Style: Southern Gospel
Bill Gaither had some Gospel Music stars on reserve for Volume Two in which the musical tribute to the great Billy graham continues. As you might expect much of the format remains the same with singing, interviews, and vintage footage of Billy Graham Crusades. The Homecoming Friends kick things off with "Majesty", and they do a beautiful job.
"Where Could I Go" is revisited and you'll hear George Younce on one of his trademark songs "This Old House". Evie Karlsson, or just Evie if you prefer, can be heard singing "I Shall See You Again Soon". Ce Ce Winans performs "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power" and Michael W Smith gives a 'greatest hits' medley, "Friends - Great Is The Lord - Above All". This video will definitely not disappoint you, it delivers all you would
expect from this talent roster and helps you get to know an American Legend a little better. Just as I commented about Volume One, "A Billy Graham Music Homecoming Volume Two" would make a fantastic gift for that Bible-thumper on your list.

Artist: Gaither Vocal Band, Russ Taff, Jesse Dixon, The Hoppers, Jeff &
Sheri Easter, Sue Dodge, Vestal Goodman, Ivan Parker, Ben Speer, Jake
Hess, Terry Blackwood, and Many More - Video
Project: London Homecoming
Label: SpringHouse
Exec Producers: Bill Gaither, Barry Jennings, Bill Carter
Director: Luke Renner
Style: Southern Gospel
On this project Bill Gaither takes his posse across the pond for some tea
and crumpets. "London Homecoming" brings you great Gospel Singing and light-hearted comedy that is uniform with the rest of the Homecoming Series. You'll see Gospel hits performed by the original artist like "I Am" by The Hoppers, and "Mornings Comin'" by Jeff & Sheri Easter. You'll see inspiring narratives by Gloria Gaither. Revisit legends like Mary Tom (Speer) Reid, Vestal Goodman, and Jake Hess. Mark Lowry makes some jokes about London with Bill Gaither as his straight-man. There are a good supply of old-time hymns and swingin' medleys, to keep you company. Toward the end of the "London Homecoming" there is a very special tribute to Rex Nelon. In addition to all of this great singing you will get a glimpse or two of scenic London, England. So get your copy of "London Homecoming" and watch Bill Gaither and The Homecoming
Friends invade Great Britain with Gospel Music.

Artist: Geraldine & Ricky with special guest The Lesters - Video
Project: Geraldine & Ricky Live!
Label: Independent
Exec Producer: Bob Brumley
Director: Mike Berenbrok
Style: Southern Gospel
This project was recorded before a live audience during the Albert E Brumley
Gospel Sing in August of 2000. Geraldine & Ricky actually begin with The Lesters singing a set of Albert E Brumley favorites. During this music set you will see The Lesters perform "The Wagon Song". You will also see Evan Pitchers and Ryan Lester singing followed by "I Shall Steal Away". The singing portion is concluded with "It's Gonna Be Wonderful", and then out comes Geraldine & Ricky. The wise-cracking Ricky slams everyone from The Lesters to the Brumleys and even a few people in between. This video will definitely cheer you up as Geraldine & Ricky tickle your funny bone. Don't miss Danny Pitchers rendition of the "The Laughing Song". So, If you are looking for a video you and
your kids can agree on take a look at Geraldine & Ricky Live!

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