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 Legacy Five
"A New Legacy"
by Jennifer Campbell

          Legacy Five is taking the Southern Gospel Music Industry by storm.  They branched out of one of the greatest gospel legends of all time--The Cathedral Quartet.  Now, Scott Fowler, Roger Bennett, Glenn Dustin, Josh Cobb, and Scott Howard have started a new legacy. 
          Legacy Five started their journey on September 18, 1999, at the National Quartet Convention.  They filled the showcase with forty-five minutes of songs from their upcoming Homeland release.  Since this debut, Legacy Five has found great success in just a few short months.  I am sure that this success will continue.  The other three young men who make up this fantastic five are newcomers to the Southern Gospel Music Industry.  I would like to  introduce each of them to you. 
          First, let's get to know the two Scotts.  Scott Howard and his wife Kelly have been married for eleven years.  They have a daughter named Mallory who is seven years old and a son named Grant who is two years old.  Scott commented on his family by saying, "I try to spend my time at home doing "family" stuff.  I don't really separate them from the ministry that I'm in because they are a part of it also.  But, I do like to have time that is devoted specifically to them." 
          Scott said that his wish for Legacy Five is to be able to carry on the tradition and standards that have been set before them in a way that would show honor to those who have gone on before.  Although he has been singing all of his life, this is his first full-time position.  On a humorous note, he said, "Thank the Lord, I don't have any embarrassing moments up to this point.  But, I'm just getting started and there are plenty of days to come!" 
          Now, let's learn more about one of the founding members of Legacy Five.  Scott Fowler joined the Cathedrals in 1991 and has been a favorite of Southern Gospel Music Fans ever since.  He was married on December 20, 1997, to Taryn Davis, daughter of Christian comedian Ken Davis.  He said, "Taryn grew up in a home where the husband traveled on the weekends, so she was already accustomed to that life style.  When I am home though, we try to spend as much time together as we can.  I believe that the spouses must feel called to be a partner with the husband in this type of traveling ministry before it can work." 
          Scott said that the greatest influence on his life and ministry was his dad and grandpa Hamm.  He also said, "Both men were great preachers, but beyond that they are my mentors and heroes.  All of my favorite memories seem to have both of those men present.  They are both in Heaven today, but the contribution they left me and my life will remain here forever." 
          Scott's greatest wishes are for there to be no more diseases.  He said that the most wonderful day of his life is the day he found salvation.  He added to say, "Then the day I asked Taryn to marry me (and the subsequent acceptance) and then the day I got the job with the Cathedrals." 
          We all love hearing about someone else's embarrassing moments.  Maybe it is because it makes us feel good to know that we are not the only one who makes mistakes.  Whatever the case may be, here is one of Scott's embarrassing moments.  "The Cathedrals were filming a Gaither video in Indiana.  I came out of the Hotel room that morning and there was a man reading a USA Today in the lobby, but he did not see me, because the paper was in front of his face.  After looking at his hands, feet, knuckles, hair, and shoes, I determined that this man was indeed Glen Payne.  So, I snuck up to him undetected and quickly and forcefully snatched the paper completely out of his hands.  Paper flew all around him.  This man's face was now completely exposed.  To my was not Glen.  I have no idea who the man was.  I was mortified.  Neither of us spoke for a few seconds, then he said, "You've got the wrong person...don't you?"  I said, "Yes sir.  I am so sorry."  I quickly left hoping that no one else had seen the debacle." 
          The youngest member of Legacy Five is none other than Josh Cobb.  He is single and he is a student at Olivet Nazarene University.  He said, "I see my family during holidays and vacation.  I have an older brother named Billy.  He and his wife Becky have two little boys, Tyler who is three years old and Gavin who is one year old.  I have a younger sister named Audra.  My mom and dad are Bill and Terri Cobb who are song evangelists for the Church of the Nazarene."  He also said that the best day of his life was when he got the tenor position with Legacy Five.  In his words, it was a pretty good day for this twenty-year-old. 
          Glenn Dustin serves as Legacy Five's bass singer.  He has been married for ten years to his high school sweetheart, Kristi.  They have one son named Garrett who is four years old.  Glenn said, "The time on the road is obviously exclusively dedicated to Legacy Five.  So when I am home, I dedicate my time there exclusively to my wife and son."  He also said, "More than anything I want to succeed at being the best husband and Dad that I can be and continue to serve the Lord through gospel music that I feel called to do." 
          Glenn's most embarrassing moment was walking into the ladies rest room in a restaurant with all of Legacy Five as witnesses.  The most wonderful day of his life is undoubtedly the day he gave his heart to Jesus.  We should all have this testimony. 
          Roger Bennett is another founding member of Legacy Five.  Roger and his wife Debbie live in Thompson's Station, TN, with their children Chelsea and Jordan.  He joined the Cathedrals as pianist and vocalist in November 1979.  This was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Roger.   Over the years Roger has received many awards presented by fans and peers, but the most special and memorable thing for him was the outpouring of love and prayers when they diagnosed him with leukemia in 1995.  "My family and I literally depended on God every day to get us through.  God used our music family to keep us encouraged.  Our lives have been touched so much by their love and concern."  Roger also said, "We've sung in so many different places and seen so many of our old and new friends!  We asked the Lord to open the doors he would have us go through, and so we praise him for the open doors." 
          Scott Fowler made some comments concerning some aspirations that he has for the future of Legacy Five.  "We want to evangelize the nonbeliever, encourage the nonbeliever.  We don't want to put God in a box by defining what we are about too narrowly.  But we aspire to be faithful to the cause of Christ and let God bring the opportunity he has for us.  Our job is to stay out of his way and not mess up what he wants to accomplish through us." 
          In the coming months, I am sure that we will be hearing even more of Legacy Five and I know that God will bless their ministry abundantly.  With their testimony, songs, and God-given talents, I am sure that this new legacy will live on for years to come. 

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