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Darrell Luster
"Not Ashamed"
by Jennifer Campbell

           Romans 1:18 says, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ...."  Darrell Luster is a prime example of this scripture.  His life revolves around Jesus Christ and he is not afraid to tell the world.  Darrell Luster is "Not Ashamed." 
           Darrell William Luster was born on December 10, 1963, and he was the youngest of fifteen children.  Along with his five brothers, they formed "The Luster Brothers."  Darrell's first professional position was with the Sensational Nightingales, filling in for a group member who was ill.  In 1984, Charles Johnson of the Sensational Nightingales formed his own gospel group called "Charles Johnson and the Revivers."  Charles asked Darrell to be a part of this venture.  While being with the Revivers, Darrell sung such inspirational songs as "I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)," "Sealed Till the Day of Redemption," and "I Know What Lies Ahead," just to name a few.  Guided and directed by the Holy Spirit, Darrell moved into a solo career in 1993.  He released his first album entitled "Peace Be Still" on The Morning Star Record label.  His first single from this album is entitled "I Believe He Died for Me."  Darrell attributes much of the success of this song to the masterful and professional husband and wife writing team of Colbert and Joyce Croft. 
           He started singing at the age of twelve, but who inspired him to start a singing career?  Darrell said, "My oldest brother Ronald Luster started me singing when I didn't even know that I could sing.  I fell in love with it that night when he asked me to come and sit down on the couch and say woo.  I've been in love with it ever since.  He also was the first of us siblings to begin preaching so that made me aware it wasn't just about singing but it was also a ministry.  Thanks Ron!" 
 In 1994, Darrell released his second solo album entitled "I Can't Tell It All."  He has also recorded two live concert videos entitled "Darrell Luster - Greatest Hits" and "Members Only."  Darrell started his own record company, Beacon Records, in January of 1997.  His first release on Beacon's label is entitled Members Only.  Darrell's latest project is entitled "It Doesn't All End at The Grave," and he is currently on tour promoting this new recording. 
           While Darrell's style of music crosses many lines, there is still a definition.  In Darrell's ministry, that definition is anointed.  Here are his comments concerning Southern Gospel Music and Traditional Black Gospel.  "After singing Traditional Black Gospel for many years I would have to make a comparison to Southern Gospel Music the same as playing a pickup basketball game and playing an organized basketball game.  In Traditional Black Gospel, there is really no programmed way to do a song but in Southern Gospel Music it's verse, chorus, verse, chorus, etc." 
           Do you wish you could send someone back in time to send yourself a message, so you could fix the future?  If Darrell could send a message to the young Darrell, this is what he would say.  "I would tell young Darrell to go for it as a youngster.  Don't be afraid to show people what you can do.  I was always afraid that people would say that I was too young and I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities." 
           Darrell resides in Durham, North Carolina with his wife Anita and their five children Kejon, Kendra, Darrell II, Darrian, and Darriah.  There is no need to ask Darrell if he has a happy marriage, because he said that the most wonderful day of his life was his wedding day.  This is what he said about his family.  "I often say I have five wives and one child just to see if you're really paying attention but actually it's the other way around.  I fly to just about all of my concerts so I won't have to leave a day ahead to get to my destination and I can also get back sooner to spend more time with my family.  If your ministry and singing career are going great and you're going through a divorce or your children are on drugs or flunking out of school, are you really successful?" 
           When you hear a song, do you think in your mind, "I wish I had written that?"  Well, you're not the only one!  Darrell said, "I wish I had written "I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)" because everyone thinks I wrote it anyway.  So, I should just take the credit, the money, and move into my earthly mansion." 
           Darrell Luster's most embarrassing moment is, "Running down the street in downtown Durham, N.C.  I fell and I felt like I was flying."  He also said that one thing he would like to accomplish would be a venture into acting one day in the future. 
           No one ever said that life was going to be a "bed of roses," but it is true that some songs have a certain way of brightening a discouraging situation.  Darrell said that the single "Thank God" by Tony Gore & Majesty was an encouragement to him after going through one of the greatest trials in his life.  He also said that it happened to be his whole family's national anthem then. 
           Darrell Luster's ministry has inspired thousands of people and will continue to do so since God's anointing is upon this ministry.  Darrell said that his greatest wish would be this.  "I would want to be fairly wealthy to be able to do more for people, and have the time to teach more about the real love that Jesus was talking about."  This statement right here should tell you that Darrell Luster is "Not Ashamed." 

Darrell Luster 
P.O. Box 11683 
Durham, N.C. 27703 
Phone: (919) 220-5060 
Fax: (919) 220-0605 

Darrell's Favorites 

Favorite Food: My Fried Fish 
Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster 
Favorite Song: "Somewhere Somebody Is Praying For Me" 
Favorite Soloist: Shirley Caesar 
Favorite Group: The Original Hinsons 
Favorite Musician: Gary Prim 
Favorite Hobby/Interest: Fishing 
Favorite Scripture: 1 Thess. 4:16-18 
Favorite Animal: All reptiles 
Dream Vacation: Anywhere alone with my wife 

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