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          How many weekends have you gone to a Southern Gospel concert hoping to forget your problems and get a blessing? You go to a venue whether it be a church or an arena and you look up on stage to see a quartet in their matching suits or a soloist with his perfectly groomed hair and you expect their songs to lift you up. Have you ever stopped to consider what these artists are going through before they step out on stage. Could these songbirds be facing trials and tests just like the rest of us? Although they try their best not ot let you see it, the Southern Gospoel artist of today battle many hardships to bring you the Gospel in song. Let’s take a look at how one of today’s most exciting young trios, Common Bond, have battled adversity to continue in the ministry. 
          In 1996, Common Bond came on the Southern Gospel scene with great success, taking home the Horizon Award at the Singing News Fan Awards. The identical triplets, Mark, Luke, and John Green seemed to be on top of the world with a bright future ahead of them. They were touring with The Martins, and had a very busy schedule. Naturally, Common Bond was very popular with young people and respected by the older generation. At that time, it looked as if nothing could stop the three talented brothers. 
          But, remember what Jesus said to Peter, “Satan seeks to devour you.” That same quote could be applied to the trial Common Bond faced in 1998. That summer the trio had just come off a tour one weekend, and on the following Monday went to their trailer to do an inventory count, only to discover that the trailer had been stolen containing $50 - 60 thousand worth of merchandise. Needless to say this was a very devastating blow to the Greens, both financially and spiritually. This prompted Mark, Luke, and John to do something new - get real jobs! This whole situation sidelined Common Bond for a year and a half. During this time rumors circulated that the Green triplets were singing country music, but this was simply not true. As Mark Green told me, “You’ll never hear Common Bond singing anything but the Lord’s music!” For a year and a half, Mark, Luke, and John worked hard to raise the money needed to get back into the ministry. They literally had to start all over. Mark told me that it was harder starting over the second time, than when they originally started. But the Greens pressed on, they perservered and ultimately cleared the hurdles placed in front of them. 
          Now, Common Bond has a new project out, they are back on tour, and their radio single “Remember The Hill” has top 40 potential. So, if you go to a concert and see three guys who look alike and dress alike, singing in perfect harmony, you may think they don’t have a care in the world. Just remember for every singer or preacher who steps in front of you, a price has been paid. These ministers are not there because it is easy, but because it is necessary. Every Southern Gospel artist is happy to see you get a blessing, but most of all they are there to bless the Lord. So, go ahead, lift your hands, sing along, and worship the Lord. 
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